Is God Listening? Does He Really Care?

A few weeks ago, I chatted over text messages with a girlfriend of mine.  I shared with her that every week I am reminded that much of my stress comes from my children learning virtually at home.  As we texted back and forth, we exchanged sentiments on this topic.

My children are not the source of my stress. But the fact that they are home all day breaks up my normal work routine.  They’re good kids. They don’t typically bother me, but they have needs throughout the day that can interfere with my workflow. 

If you are a parent, you may be able to relate. Especially if you too have elected virtual learning for your student(s) during this pandemic.

My daughter will often come into my office during her 10-minute breaks to hug me. I don’t mind it at the very least. Quite frankly, the hugs fill my cup probably as much as (or maybe even more than) they fill hers.  Sometimes she comes into my office because she needs something for class. It could be anything. A book, a piece of construction paper, or other material that she doesn’t already have in her room. 

They eat lunch around 11 am. They are more than capable of making their own lunch, but I prefer to head to the kitchen with them.  This allows me the opportunity to make sure they have what they need food-wise. You know, make sure they aren’t eating a bunch of junk. It also allows me to do a mid-day check-in to see that their day is going well. 

Then there are the times when my son will come in at the end of his day to hug me. Of course, much like my daughter, I relish in the affection. I soak up the love exchange. But once the hugging has ceased, he will start talking to me about random topics. Well, let me clarify. They are random to me but certainly not to him. Topics including Roblox, Fortnite, Pokemon, Naruto, or any other video game and/or tv show he’s into these days. Typically I try to tune into what he’s saying. I say to myself, “Ok, this will be quick, and then I can get back to this work.” But that rarely seems to be the case.

He’ll begin explaining the video game. Then proceed to tell me how another player did something that violates “gamer rules.” He gets really passionate about it too. Detail by detail, he paints me the picture. I usually haven’t a clue what he’s talking about, but I do my best to listen attentively. I regrettably have to interrupt him more often than I’d like to let him know that I have a meeting. Or that I need to finish an email before we can proceed with the conversation.

I’ve even had to ask him if I can give him a rain check. Suggesting that we talk about it once I’m done working or at dinner. In some instances, he says, “wait, mom, one more thing…” or “wait, this will be quick.” I often give in. But he mostly obliges and understands that I am working. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop me from feeling “mom guilt.” It leaves me thinking to myself, “I hope he doesn’t feel as if I don’t care?”.

This text and sentiment exchange with my girlfriend really got me thinking. We don’t ever have these disruptions or postponements when we want and need to talk to God.

God Relieves Us of Our Cares

Have you ever felt like God wasn’t listening to you? Wondered if He really even cared? Felt as if He had completely left the scene? I certainly have.

I must admit and I would be lying if I told you that in the moments of my deepest despair, I never questioned God’s presence. Or asked Him why He wasn’t responding to me.

I’ve heard many compare Jesus to a “silent teacher.” And as you know, the saying goes, “the teacher is always silent during the test.”

It’s easy to perceive His silence as a lack of care, but it actually presents us with opportunity. An opportunity to grow closer to Him, trust Him more and, stretch our faith. The stretching brings a level of discomfort, but we can find peace knowing that He loves us infinitely.

Much like any good parent, God desires for us to come to talk to Him about Everything. Big. Small. Good. Bad. He wants to hear us praise His name. He wants us to give Him our every burden because He does, in fact, care (1 Peter 5:7 CSB).

All-Powerful, All-Knowing, and Ever Present

How amazing is it that on any given day, at any hour, and anywhere we can talk to Him? Not only can we talk to him whenever and wherever we desire, but He will never tell us to come back later or ask us to wait until dinner to tell Him what’s on our minds. (Jeremiah 29:12 CSB)

What’s even more amazing is that we can sit and say absolutely nothing at all, and He knows what we are feeling (Romans 8:26 CSB).

And isn’t it further comforting to know that He is always with us no matter where we are (Psalm 139:7-10 CSB)?

God is Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent!

Be reminded of this the next time you begin to feel like God has fled the scene. Keep talking to Him. Regardless of the insignificance or magnitude of the matter, He wants it all.

Give Him everything you’ve got.

Rest assured that He hasn’t left you.

He is listening and He cares.

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