The Painful Priceless Process of Purpose

Pain comes in many forms. Physical, mental, and emotional. Any pain can result in the testing of our faith and has the potential to lead to spiritual destruction. However, it is in those painful experiences that we must remember that God is in full control. As difficult as it may seem, we can trust without a doubt that God has a plan of prosperity for our future (Jeremiah 29:11).

In a perfect world, pain would not exist, and there would be no wounds to heal. But even in the best of times, we know that utopia is more likely to occur abstractly than in real life.

Pain is Non- Discriminative

None of us are exempt from painful events, circumstances, and seasons in our lives. Some will even argue that the pain from their trials is greater or that it runs deeper than another’s. In some cases, this very well may be true.

When we choose a life led by God, He does not promise a single one of us a life without hurt or suffering (John 16:33). Now, in no way am I suggesting that we should look forward to painful encounters, but the harsh reality is that it is inevitable.

According to His Will

The journey we travel in fulfilling God’s purpose for our lives, believe it or not, can be and is often connected to our suffering and affliction. Pain necessitates healing, but when the pain is deep, we may suppress the feelings it creates, prolonging the healing process. When we prolong the healing process, we tend to interfere with the arrival at our purpose.

In our Christian walk, we all hold the same purpose: to be fishers of people (Mark 1:17). Although the purpose is the same, the assignment(s) may differ.

Without question, as we navigate through the healing process (and thereafter), we will cross paths with others that are going through similar discomfort. It is in their time of distress that we can minister to them using both our experience and the Word of God.

It’s not always easy to consider that what we are enduring will turn out well or that there is purpose behind the pain, but Romans 28:8 reminds us that He works all things together for our good.

When we surrender our pain over to God, we can rest with great confidence that what He is intricately weaving together is according to His will. And that is ALWAYS better than our own.

The Price of the Process

Our affliction and healing process can come with quite a cost, especially if we do not heal healthily. We may lose jobs, lose people in our lives, or anything else that is tangible. However, the good news is that when we allow the healing to progress in accordance with God’s Will, the outcome is something that cannot be bought.

I like to compare this process to that of childbirth. Painful and long but consequently euphoric. (John 16:21)

God created a woman and her body as His partner to bring forth life, and it’s quite miraculous.

I chose to labor and deliver my children without an epidural or any drugs that would reduce pain. 

With my first child, labor was long, intense and the pain I felt was indescribable. Had I gotten an epidural, I’m sure it would have been different.

The result in either case is new life. But with the epidural, I would have avoided and suppressed the pain, likely extending the time to complete the laborious process.

God has a greater plan for each one of us, and sometimes that calls for suffering. Don’t run, don’t hide, and do not prolong the completion of God’s good work in your life. Seek him fervently and allow him to do a new thing in your life.

Trust that the painful process to your purpose will have a priceless reward.

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